My Gift to You

Self-Sustaining Artist:

Reference Photos & Color Palettes

Becoming a self-sustaining artist is not as hard as it sounds! I promise. Becoming a "self-sustaining" artist means that you develop the skills you need to build your own inspiration, content, and value.  You are your own limitless source of inspiration, and it is good to hone your skills.  There is truly nothing more satisfying than turning to your own content, photographs, or writing to bring value to your clients.

This 21-page FREE guide is chock-full of content on: 

  • Creating dynamic reference photos

  • Creating color palettes from nature

...and so much more!

As you work towards becoming a self-sustaining artist, you will: 

  • No longer have to rely on Internet searches or social media for inspiration

  • Take the creative process from originating outside of you (a limited external source) to truly being your own creation, inspiration, and style (a limitless internal source)

  • Develop or refine an eye for color, layout, design that you didn't have before

  • Drive your content

  • Create your own personal style

  • Provide consistency & value to your clients

To use:


Fill out the form below, and download the PDF from the link that will pop up. 


Read through the workbook and begin practicing what you learn.  It's really that simple. 

Stay tuned for future classes and workbooks in our Self-Sustaining Artist Series

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