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Create. Grow. Bloom.


You have the ability to power your creativity and grow your creative life and business in a way that is sustainable and true to you.

You already have the tools you need to grow your business, to dig deep into your creativity. 


You just don’t know how to use them yet.


That’s where I come in; I’m here to guide you.  I will help you find clarity, purpose, and direction in your creative life, and we will work together to create a creative business that will grow sustainably, with heart.


Together, we will find your why and implement your how to build the creative lifestyle that you are longing for.













What I Do


I am an artist, writer, educator, and creative who understands the power of connection to build your business.  I build upon a vision, following through for a successful result.  This means that I recognize how what you create makes people feel, how your value can evoke nostalgia and a sense of empowerment, and how this makes your audience engage with your product.  I’m an expert at spotting problems and barriers, and finding solutions.  I truly believe that building your creativity and business can be an empowering and valuable activity, that enriches both you and your client. 


I take my artistic, leadership, and coaching experiences from years working both artistically and in healthcare, and simplify the key concepts to make them accessible to you so that you can apply them to your individual business.  We work together to apply these activities in a purposeful way to your business and creative goals, in a way that has meaning to you. 


I guide you to become confident in your abilities, to enable you to continue to see positive, impactful, and soulful growth to your business long after our coaching relationship has ended. 


I am here to teach you how to use the tools to expand your heart and business.

My Mentoring Values


  • I want you to stay true to yourself.  This is one of the most powerful tools you have, and one that I will support and encourage.  You have a tremendous gift that others do not have: your personal experiences.  I am here to help you find your strength, and in doing so, to stay true to yourself in the process of building your creative life and career.


  • I put a lot of emphasis on staying true to you, because I have found that building a genuine heart connection with both your peers and potential clients provides lasting positive results, both personally and professionally.  I am here to help you determine how to do this in a way that feels sincere, genuine, true to your character, and not time-consuming.  


  • I believe that one very important key to building the creative life that you long for, is by simplifying.  We will work together to tackle this, which is often a huge obstacle.  By finding a focus, working with your strengths, and establishing clarity, we will simplify the process. 


  • I know how daunting this can all feel.  We long for the creative life and freedom that we deserve, but it comes with its fair share of fear, imposter syndrome, or whatever you wish to call it.  I will empower you to use your fear to your benefit.  We will work together to recognize the powerful positive effect fear can have on our business, your creative life, and heck, even your daily life.


How We Work Together


I strongly believe in a collaborative coaching experience.  We will work together from the start, as I meet you where you are, in order to give you the tools and knowledge to empower yourself and grow your business sustainably and clearly.  You know your business. I am simply here to give you the tools and direction to expand. 


Through conversations, simple exercises, and practical tasks, I will help you understand how to build your business, and work with you to grow your creative heart in a sustainable and genuine way.  I will not tell you what to do, but will guide you to recognize the steps you need to take, by increasing your understanding, teaching you what I have learned, and recognizing creative ways to achieve the results you are looking for, all while building with heart.


I am on your side.  I am your biggest cheerleader.  And I believe in you.


But more importantly, I will show you how to believe in yourself and your absolute ability to create the life you are dreaming of having.

Are You Ready? Let's start your journey today.


Are you ready to find clarity and confidence to power your creativity?

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