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You are uncertain where to take your big idea, or how to develop your own creative and artistic style.  You want to hone in on your goals, learn to simplify, and become empowered to support your creative life and business.  You may already have a business established or planned, and are wanting to gain clarity and guidance on what your next steps are. You seek a clear direction.

So, what does this look like?

  •  Before our first phone call, I will send you a simple questionnaire to fill out, so that I can get a sense of where you are in your process, and so that we can make the best use of our time and focus our calls

  • After our calls, I will send a summary email of what we talked about, including any "homework" or ideas that we discussed in our call

  • Because this is a completely bespoke package, the exact make-up of our time together will depend on what you are needing, and where you are in your creative process. 


Some of the things that we may look at together in our mentoring sessions: 

- a marketing strategy that is aligned with your goals, that stays true to your values

- social media marketing or strategies

- developing an engaged audience

-defining your business

- defining your business goals

-determining the steps that need to be taken to reach these goals

- exercises and worksheets designed to help you focus on your why which leads to your how

- ideas and guidance towards growing your skillset

- a creative colleague to bounce ideas off of, and talk things through with 

-the knowledge for how to continue growing long after we are done working together

- the realization that you are capable, there is room for you, and you can accomplish this dream

-clarity and focus around your creative goals

This is not an exhaustive list. 

If you have a burning question, or feel that something that is stopping you from accomplishing this dream that isn't on this list, we can talk about that too.  

We will approach your specific case creatively and from many directions:

I am a strong believer that your creative business grows from the heart.  That's where we create from in the first place, isn't it? One week we may focus on marketing strategies and concrete steps to take; the next, we may be talking more about your mental or emotional barriers to putting your best creative foot forward.  What we focus on,  is completely up to you. With guidance from me, when needed.

You will get: 

- 2 x 60 min calls (over Skype; 1 every 2 weeks)

- 1x 60 min follow-up call within 3 months after our coaching has ended

- Exercises and tasks designed to provide clarity and direction

- A full bespoke package designed to meet you where you are at in the process

- Unlimited email support 


$499 in full 

*please email me

if you would like to discuss a payment plan


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