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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you develop your style? 

My style grew organically from the act of engaging in my work. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Just practice, draw every day, see what happens. But it's often the thing that really holds a creative back.  That fear of what you'll create, when all you desperately want to do is create something that is your own.  For me, making the commitment to draw every day (especially in the beginning) was critical. As was the realization, one day, that I don't have to draw what others see, or an exact replica. I can create what I see. And what I see is joy. 

What materials do you use? 

My go-to materials*: 

Bristol paper: I love how sturdy the paper is, while still being smooth for my ink lines

Micron pens: Archival ink is a must for me, whichever pen I use, but these are my go-to

TPL pens: animal-friendly, cruelty free products from Peggy of The Pigeon Letters

Winsor & Newton Watercolors: Just love them and their quality

Arteza Watercolors: They have lovely deeply pigmented paints at a lower price point

Prima Watercolors: These were my first, and they served me well for a long time

TPL Watercolor Paintbrush: again, cruelty free, and made by The Pigeon Letters. Win-win.



Lightroom (Free) 

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Do you put watercolor down before or after your ink drawings? Why? 

 I get this question all the time. And the answer is really... it depends! Probably mostly on my mood. Sometimes on the exact style I am going for.  Be sure to take a peak at my Loose Florals and Modern Florals classes on Skillshare, as I go in depth on my reasoning for different styles! It really does make a difference!

Do you offer online classes? 

Ooh! Why yes I do :) You can find me on Skillshare.  If you've never checked it out before, follow this link for an exclusive two months free! 

I prefer books to online classes. Do you have any you've written?

I am in the process of writing my first book, Inking Florals, with Quarto Publishers.


When is your book coming out? 

It is expected to come out in May 2020.  But it will be available for pre-order SO SOON! Stay tuned!

What is your podcast all about? 

I'm so glad you asked, because this is my little passion project.  Gather Home Creatives came about as a way for me to have one place to share inspiration, resources, and ideas with the creative community.  There I offer simple ways to combat the things that trip us up (like fear!), building community, ways to get creative, and (my personal fav) I interview some seriously amazing artists.  Be sure to check it out!

What if I don't like to listen to podcasts. How do I get all that info too? 

That's a great question. Confession time - I actually don't listen to podcasts! I love recording my own, but I am not an auditory learner. At. All.  I need the visuals! So, I have created a little blog here on the site that will house all the content of my podcast episodes, in written form.  You'll also find content that won't be found anywhere else! Stay tuned as I start filling this in.