My Gift to You

Defining Success Workbook

One of the best steps that you can dive right into when creating or expanding your creative business, is figuring out what success means to you. 

Defining success: 

  • Gives your business direction

  • Reminds you of that direction when things get muddy down the road

  • Allows you to focus your energy

  • Provides a foundation for you to create step-wise goals

  • Gives you a clear picture of what you are working towards

  • Provides insight into who your audience is

  • Sets your priorities

  • Tells you what you don't know, and what you need to learn about

  • Sets you up for providing more products and value to your clients

  • Gives you a clear picture of the complex web that is building your own creative  business

To use:


Fill out the form below, and download the PDF from the link that will pop up.  Following the prompts, fill out the workbook, thinking about your business and the goals you want to accomplish.  This is your time to dream out exactly what you want, so no holding back! 

Keep this in a safe place to return to, and feel free to tweak and redefine as your business grows. 

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