My Gift to You

Core Values Workbook

As you build out this foundation of your business--whether you have already established that business or not--you will​ want to define your core values.  Personally and professionally, working through the questions in this workbook provides a strong foundation for you to make those big decisions down the road, helping you confidently say yes or no to projects.

Defining core values: 

  • Shapes your business decisions

  • Your decisions may change over time, your core values will remain

        relatively constant

  • Provides clear reasoning for the why behind your business decisions

  • Keeps you on track to achieving your goals

  • Reminds you of what keeps you inspired and motived

  • Gives you a clear sense of your business model & what you stand for

To use:


Fill out the form below, and download the PDF from the link that will pop up.  Following the prompts, fill out the workbook, thinking about your business and the goals you want to accomplish.  Be honest! The more clearly you define your core values, the more consistent your business will be. 

Keep this in a safe place to return to, and feel free to tweak and redefine as your business grows. 

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