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Wilde Art

by Poppy & Gray Co.

What is Wilde Art?

Wilde Art is your go-to place to learn to create beauty -- naturally.  Wilde Art is a brand new offering from Poppy & Gray Co., and features longer courses for you to really dig deep into creativity. 


While we love offering our shorter Skillshare classes, we've been asked time and time again to dig deeper, and offer bigger classes for our students.  This place -- where the desire to create beauty, to teach, to learn, meets -- is where Wilde Art was born from.

Join more than 7,000 other students in my online classes. Create. Grow. Cultivate Joy. Naturally. 

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Where we learn to bridge the gap between what we want to create, and what we can create.

Learning to create beauty. Naturally.

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Open Classes:
Coming Soon:
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  • teens
  • toddlers
  • young at heart
  • ...and more!