About Us

Our Vision

Once upon a time...

Poppy & Gray Co. was born of a desire to create JOY.  Isa Down, the creator and artist behind the business, found such joy in drawing a simple peony in the Spring of 2016, that she never stopped drawing since.  Poppy & Gray Co. has blossomed into a heart-filled small business that aims to meet several goals: 


  • To bring abundant beauty into the world

  • To support and be inspired by nature

  • To provide inspiration, resources, and insight to anyone with an inner artist

  • To connect with the creative community

  • To work with companies that carry similar values

  • To provide leadership and mentorship to those seeking a creative life

We meet these goals by providing high quality modern art, working with clients and businesses who strive to create a sustainable business with heart, as well as providing resources for artists: from real-life books, to blog posts, downloads, online classes, and our podcast.  

Most importantly, we seek to cultivate joy in all we do.

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